What is Solution Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT)?

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Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is a modern, evidence-based form of psychotherapy that is designed to help individuals and families address specific problems or challenges in their lives. Unlike traditional therapy approaches, which may focus on exploring a person’s past or delve into underlying emotional issues, SFBT focuses on the present and the future, and encourages individuals to concentrate on their strengths and resources, as well as their desired outcomes and solutions.

SFBT is brief in nature, typically lasting only a few sessions, and aims to create rapid and lasting change by using a collaborative, solution-focused approach. The therapist works with clients to identify their goals and aspirations, and helps to develop a plan of action to achieve those outcomes. The therapy is structured and goal-oriented, with a strong emphasis on solution-building and practical strategies for change.

One of the key principles of SFBT is that clients are the experts on their own lives, and the therapist’s role is to facilitate the process of change, rather than to offer advice or impose their own solutions. The therapist uses a range of techniques, such as questioning, scaling, and miracle questions, to help clients focus on their goals, strengths, and resources, and to explore new ways of thinking and behaving.

SFBT is suitable for a wide range of issues and problems, including relationship difficulties, stress, anxiety, depression, and addiction. It is also commonly used to address work-related problems, such as job stress or burnout, and to help individuals and families overcome barriers to success.

Overall, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy is a modern and effective form of psychotherapy that is designed to help individuals and families address specific problems and challenges in their lives. It is brief, structured, and goal-oriented, and uses a collaborative, solution-focused approach to help clients achieve rapid and lasting change. Whether you are struggling with personal, family, or work-related problems, SFBT can help you to identify your goals, focus on your strengths and resources, and develop practical strategies for change.


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